Kuoco is the ultimate shoe for travel. A shoe which will delight any woman who needs a pair of shoes for each outfit. Kuoco’s endless selection of ToeJewels and Straps, bring colour and style to the feet. With travel, they save on space whilst providing choice from day outings, to cocktail & elegent dining with comfort all the way.

Whilst taking only the space of two shoes in your suitcase, you are able to take countless combinations of shoes away with you. Kuoco is equally suited when home, great for beach wear, and from work to evening wear, a new look can be achieved in under a minute.

The wearer really does become the designer. Your own personal look and style which will compliment any outfit & occassion.

Your Kuoco shoes will become an accessory you find hard to live without. Whether travelling, staying casual or getting out and about, you can embrace the fun you can have with creating your own unique look.

We hope you enjoy Kuoco