Lets select the correct size Kuoco sole for your foot.

We have provided two methods to help you select the perfect size sole to suit your foot.
You can either print out our sizes onto a standard A4 sheet of paper, or measure your foot using a ruler or tape measure.

Our sizes are in AU sizes. ( But even AU sizes can vary across products )

Kuoco Sizing Chart


Method 1

If you are unsure of your shoe size, please measure your foot in centimetres then refer back to the chart to convert to your size.

The best way to make sure you have the correct shoe size is to measure your feet in centimetres then convert on the size chart. To measure your feet stand on a level floor with the back of your heels against a straight edge or wall.

Measure your foot length by placing a ruler flat on the floor straight alongside the inside of your foot from your heal to your toes. Place an object with a flat edge straight across your toes with the edge touching the tip of your longest toe. Take the measurement (in millimeters) from the ruler where the flat edge crosses (see image below). This is your foot length measurement. Don’t forget that a lot of rulers typically start about 5 mm in from the end of the timber.

Foot length diagram

If your foot measurement is halfway between sizes, select the larger size. You may find one foot is longer than the other, this is quite normal, please use the larger size when making your shoe size selection.


Method 2

Select your typical size, download and print on A4 Paper. PLEASE NOTE If using this method, make sure your printer isn’t scaling the image. It should be at 100%. An indication that the image has been scaled is if the circles in each corner are complete circles.
Its best to just quickly use a ruler and check that the length measurement on the page is within a couple of millimetres, just to be sure.

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