How it works

Kuoco allows you to be the designer!  Creating your own shoe style is fun and as easy as 1, 2, 3:

  1. Select a Sole
    We currently have two choices in our Sole range – black or tan leather with a flat heel
    Watch this space for our new heel sole coming soon.
  2. Select a Strap
    Our selection is gorgeous. Choose from different colours and prints, leather and beaded Straps to design your unique look.
  3. Select a ToeJewel
    The icing on the cake. Select from our vast selection of round, square, plain and embellished ToeJewels.

By mixing and matching combinations you are ultimately creating your unique shoe to suit your every occasion. Whether you’re after elegant and sophisticated or fun and funky – It’s all up to you! And the combinations are endless.

So for example, if you select one Sole, two pairs of Straps and two pairs of ToeJewels, you will have created four different shoe styles. All of our Straps and ToeJewels are interchangeable across all our Soles. Gone are the days where you would purchase four different pairs of shoes in different colours. Kuoco not only provides you with flexibility and creativity to design a unique look but also a cost effective solution to your wardrobe.

And we will be continually extending our range of products so you can continue to develop and create endless styles.

Comfort and Quality

Not only does Kuoco want you to enjoy designing your choice of shoe styles, we also want you to be comfortable. We have put much time into our design using premium materials made by the best shoe manufactures available. Our Soles are very comfortable and durable and we are incredibly proud of our product, which is Australian designed and owned.

Our motto is ‘Shoes Your Style‘ for a reason.  Get creative and have some fun choosing your style.

We hope you enjoy Kuoco.

10 thoughts on “How it works

  1. Christine says:

    I’d like to try on the sandals before I buy – I live on the Northern Beaches. Is that possible?

    • admin says:

      Hi Christine,
      Thanks for your enquiry. I will put you in touch with Wendy, who can organise this for you.


    • admin says:

      Hi Lynda, May I ask what selection or package you were interested in. Its a little tricky to do instalments, but what were you thinking? splitting payment into 2 or 3 lots?
      Regards, Rod

  2. coralall says:

    Just a note on the A4 Print Outs. Make sure that your printer page setting is set at (Normal), I printed off the A4 template and when my shoes were delivered they were to big. I discovered that my printer page setting was set at (Shrink to fit page), as a result it changed the size of the template. Now I have to exchange my shoes for a smaller size. Hope this helps future shoppers. I must say that the shoes look great looking forward to receiving mine.

    • admin says:

      Thank you for your feedback. Comments such as yours greatly assist us in improving the experience of our customers. We have adjusted the printouts to include a ‘check’ in which a ruler can be used to assure customers that the printout has been printed using the correct printer settings. Thanks again for your feedback.
      Kuoco Team

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