About the Kuoco project

The concept behind the Kuoco brand and product began in mid 2012.

Whilst getting ready to go out for dinner, our creator Wendy, found herself wishing that she could have changed the colour of the shoes to better match her selected outfit.

Women more often than not find that their wardrobe doesn’t have the shoe to match the dress they want to wear, be it casual or formal. Our Kuoco interchangeable shoe will solve this problem by making a wide range of easy to fix accessories, handy for the ladies to design their own shoe for any occasion – formal or casual.

Importantly, it has the unique opportunity to draw on the best parts of new designers. For this reason we are able to combine cutting edge designs and introduce the latest in fashion by just taking small parts of that style. There are thousands of choices when it comes to buttons and straps and hundreds when it comes to soles. Multiplying these options means there are over a million combinations.

Much time and research has been invested into the creation of this shoe. There have been many prototypes developed in an effort to perfect our end product. Ultimately, we have chosen to work with the remaining shoe manufacturer in Australia to create a shoe which is of incredibly high build quality using a majority of local Australian resources and materials.

The product is now market ready. We are incredibly proud of our achievements, proud that it is Australian Made, and proud of the people involved in the manufacturing process.

We are raising funds for the final stage, the production of 500 pairs of shoes in Australia.


The key features of our Kuoco shoes are:

• Bringing together the designer and the wearer into the single individual. We want to make it a fun filled experience limited only by the imagination of the designer-wearer, with all this achieved in a mere 30 seconds.

• The designer-wearer can further enhance her image with identically matching leather accessories such as wallets, handbags, cabin bags and jewelry.

• There’s no more shopping and spending for shoes to match the dress or vice versa. Our Kuoco shoe can be customized for any occasion.

• Price advantage, where effectively the ladies (designer- wearer) can make many pairs of shoes for the price of one.

• Women can easily justify the cost of their purchase because they are demonstrating thrifty and practical purchasing.

Our shoes will be proudly made in Australia with the best quality leather and under the supervision of master craftsmen, for a unique customizable design, style and comfort. Our visionary thinking is to bring you the opportunity to be your own shoe designer.

thanks for your help!

Wendy Koch

Risks and challenges

In order to succeed in our chosen market, Kuoco will:

• Ensure all the basic tenets or pre-launch tasks of a new product launch are followed and executed correctly.

• Pay meticulous attention to detail so we can ensure the quality of product is maintained across the entire range.

• Launch to market with the best suite of range that will excite the market.

• Ensure there is a full range of components available at product launch.

• Get the Branding, Marketing, Packaging and Distribution strategy right

• Attend International trade shows to display and announce our unique modular shoes to the industry.

• Zero tolerance to negative feedback.

• Ensure the best business partnership or investor model is implemented, that will hold the business in good stead for the long haul.